Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VIDEO: Elton John Improvises Song Reading Oven Manual

This vintage video from 2007 has recently resurfaced becoming popular again. Elton John was a guest on a talk show when a guest asked him if he would make a song from the manual for his new oven. Jokingly, Elton John accepted the challenge, but in the end, knocks the song out of the park. Hopefully, it shows up on iTunes soon, because it sure is catchy.



GOT CAPTION? 12/14 v.2.0


VIDEO: John Lennon Statue in Cuba

John Lennon has a permanent chill-out session on a park bench in Havana, Cuba, The Park in Vedado district is called Parque John Lennon, and it was Fidel Castro himself who in 2000 unveiled the life-size bronze statue of the Beatle. Unfortunately, John's glasses were stolen immediately afterwards, and then stolen again, and so the Cuban government had to find a Spetacles Man who lurks behind the trees and the bushes with John's glasses in his pocket, and every time someone comes to meet John Lennon the Spectacles Man pops out and puts those famous Lennon glasses on the nose.

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