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A woman was walking along pushing her new born baby in its carriage when she was approached by an old friend.

The woman leaned over, peered into the pram and said, "What a beautiful baby boy! Little Jesse looks just like his father."

"I know," replied the woman, "I just wish he looked more like my husband!"


Bank tells customer they don’t take cash anymore


A returning Norwegian traveller wanting to pay cash into his account thought bank staff were pulling his leg when they told him they no longer accept bank notes. Last week, Bjart Berge headed to his local Nordea branch in Stavanger city center to deposit his remaining dollars after returning from a trip to the United States, only to be told the bank no longer handles cash of any kind over the counter. 

”I thought it was an April Fool’s joke; I couldn’t believe it was true,” Berge said. The Stavanger branch stopped taking cash on May 1st, bringing it in line with company policy. Of Nordea’s 98 branches in Norway, only nine still handle cash. Nordea spokesman Thomas Sevang explained that the bank was in the process of automating all its cash services and was installing new machines for withdrawing and depositing cash across its network. 

”He [Berge] has encountered the bank of the future,” said Sevang. But in the bank of the present, none of the deposit machines take dollars, and the bank was not able to say when this would become possible. ”You can take money out of an ATM in either Norwegian or foreign currency,” said Berge. ”The same should apply for deposits. But when that possibility doesn’t exist, it’s a bit early to cut the umbilical cord.”

Sevang said he understood it wasn’t optimal for the customer to have to ask a friend to deposit the dollars in another bank before having the money transferred to his own account. ”We well understand that situations arise in a transition phase that the customer experiences as more troublesome. But this is part of a development that will become easier and easier to deal with. We believe this is the future,” said Sevang.

VIDEO: Man Awakes From Surgery with Muppet Hands

VIDEO: Bus Crashes Over Cliff In Taiwan

A bus carrying tourists from South Korea veered off a highway and fell part way down a cliff along Taiwan's eastern coast, injuring 15 people on board.

The bus's engine failed as it was travelling up a steep mountainous road in Taroko National Park in Hualian County.

The 13 South Korean tourists, a tour guide and local driver, were taken to hospital for treatment. Two had serious but non-life threatening injuries.

VIDEO: School Misspells Its Name for 9 Years

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Pier collapses during prom photo shoot

Teenagers can spend weeks thinking about their prom outfits and the whole day getting ready. A group of them in Wisconsin expected their perfect looks to last all night. Instead, they were soaking wet in a matter of minutes.

"It's completely unexpected. It doesn't even happen on TV, and all of a sudden here it is happening to us," said Matt Timm. A group of friends went to waters off of Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc on Saturday to take a group photo before prom.

Little did they know as they stood on a wooden pier that they were about to make a life-long memory when the pier suddenly collapsed. Soaking wet, the girls and guys were pulled from the water. Trying to dry off before prom, they ran so many hair dryers they blew a breaker inside a home.

But with some borrowed shirts for the guys and some touch-up makeup for the girls, the group finally made it to the big event. "We're laughing about it now and it's hilarious, and I'm sure my kids will laugh at it. It'll be remembered a long time," said one of the teens.



VIDEO: Cute Little Girl..Cute Dog..Walking Upright


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