Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vermont man arrested after crushing five police cruisers with giant tractor


A Vermont farmer, apparently unhappy with his arrest last month, crushed five police cruisers parked at a police station with a giant tractor on Thursday.

The man, 34-year-old Roger Pion, was arrested by Newport police two miles away after he abandoned the red tractor and attempted to flee on foot. According to the Burlington Free Press, at least eight police vehicles, included an unmarked car and transport van, sustained damage.

"It's more than half our fleet," Phil Brooks, Orleans County sheriff's deputy, told the Burlington Free Press. "We have 11 cars.""

According to Burlington's WCAX-TV, there were no injuries. According to the Newport Express, the tractor weighed approximately 15 tons.
Pion was arrested on July 3 for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.
Vermont state police and the U.S. Border Patrol are assisting in the investigation. Newport, Vt., is approximately five miles from the Canadian border.

JOKE: The 115 Year Old Father

A reporter was dispatched to interview a man celebrating his 115th birthday. He noticed the yard was full of children of all ages. "Are these your great-grandchildren?" the reporter asked.

"Naw, they're my younguns," replied the old man with a sly grin.

"Your children?" exclaimed the reporter as a beautiful 19-year-old woman brought them tea. "And is this another of your children?"

"Naw, she's my wife."

"Your wife? Why, she can't be more than 19!"

"That's right," said the old man, with pride.

"At your age, you couldn't have sex with a 19-year-old."

"Why not? We have sex every night. And every time, I have a couple of my sons help me on and then, a couple of hours later, I have six of my sons help me off."

"Wait one minute. It takes two sons to put you on, but six sons to take you off? Why six?"

The spry old guy balled up his fists and said, "Cuz I fights 'em!"




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VIDEO: Cat can't stand people watching it eat

A Chinese Man Just Got A $24.4 Million Bill For Destroying A Bridge


A Chinese man was trucking sand on the outskirts of Beijing. He drove his 110-ton truck over a bridge and it, unsurprisingly, collapsed.

Now, after a year long investigation, the blame, and the repair bill, has been placed solely on the shoulders of the driver, a man only known as Mr. Zhang.

The fine comes out to 156 million RMB, which is equal to $24.4 million. We aren't what you'd call economists, but it's safe to assume he makes far less than that in a year.

Zhang is saying that he was just doing what he was told by the trucking company. Either way, he'll be paying this off for a while.

VIDEO: Sneaky crow nips at dog's tail


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