Thursday, March 1, 2012


An overweight man was waiting in line at a bank. There were two teenage boys in line behind him.

They were giggling and making fun of how fat the man was. After five minutes of this the man turned to the boys and asked them politely to stop, as he couldn't help his weight problem.

With this the boys asked: Oh, and why are you so fat Mister?

The Man turned around and replied: "Well, every time I screwed your mother, she gave me a cookie."

VIDEO: Toddlers fall out of moving car..survive unhurt

Two toddlers had an amazing escape when they got to their feet unhurt after falling out of a moving car.

A shocking CCTV clip from Turkey posted online shows the estate car's boot suddenly fly open as it drives down the street.

First one, and then the second small child falls out and onto the road, reports The Sun.

A shocked passer-by pulls over on his motorbike, while a pedestrian also heads over to check on the children.

But amazingly, the kids have only just hit the ground when they stand up and run to the side of the road.

They walk uncertainly down the street in the direction of their car, which reverses back towards them.

As their relatives exit their vehicle, some embrace the children while others look to be totally overcome with emotion.

Chinese villagers carry giant balloons of stolen natural gas to fuel their homes..Can You say KABOOOM?

If you thought heating your home during winter was tough, spare a moment for these villagers in China's Shandong Province.
They have been risking life and limb in the pursuit of warmth by carrying giant balloons full of natural gas from a nearby oil field back to their homes.
Too poor to afford the resource on the grid, they siphon their gas from an oil facility in Binzhou, where they connect their balloons to a canister near the extraction machinery.


Risking death: A woman carries a 15 foot long balloon full of natural gas which she siphoned from an oil plant in China's Shandong Province in order to heat her home

They then tentatively edge back with a potential bomb in their hands, being careful not to get too near any naked flames, of course. Some balloons can grow to six metres long and a metre wide.
It is not clear whether they are stealing the gas, although it is highly unlikely they are being allowed to do it.

Workers at the oil field have been trying to warn them of the obvious dangers, but to no avail.
One member of staff said: 'We warned them that it is like a hidden bomb at home, but they wouldn't listen'.
According to people in the area, the gas lasts for around five days, it was reported on Gizmodo.
One said: 'It's very convenient and quite safe. All villagers in this region are doing the same.'
There have not yet been any reports of the balloons exploding, but one elderly was lifted in the air when the wind got hold of it.


VIDEO: Stupid, foul mouthed girl doesnt know why we have leap years

#1 the poster is not the creator of this video..the poster found the video and thought it was so ignorant that he had to post it

#2 NSFW language

VIDEO: Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Robot quadrotors are becoming more and more advanced everyday. Amazingly, the University Of Pennsylvania made a special quadrotor concert where the tiny flying bots literally play the James Bond theme.

The four rotor flying machines are controlled entirely by an AI computer program with no human intervention at all.

VIDEO: Kitten Vs. Washing Machine


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