Monday, December 26, 2011

VIDEO: Dog Walks Down Stairs On Front Two Legs

JOKE: Sherlock Holmes in the Park

"Good evening, ladies," said Sherlock Holmes, passing three women eating bananas on a park bench.

"Do you know them?" asked Dr. Watson.

"No," Holmes replied, "I've never met that nun, the prostitute or the bride."

"Good Lord, Holmes, how on Earth do you know that?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson: the nun ate her banana by breaking off small pieces. The prostitute grabbed it with both hands and crammed the whole thing into her mouth."

"Amazing!" exclaimed Watson. "But how do you know the third is a newlywed?"

"Because she held hers in one hand and then pushed her head toward it with the other!"

Wise Words..From 1940..The Great Dictator a film by Charlie Chaplin

VIDEO: Spider Steals Dog's Ball!


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