Sunday, July 15, 2012


Two teenagers were arrested yesterday, one for drinking battery acid, and the other for eating fireworks. Police charged one and let the other off!


One day, a bushman went walkabout and came upon a well. Curious about it, he peered inside but could not see the bottom. So he picked up a small stone and dropped it down the well. There was no sound. He then got a bigger stone and dropped it down the well. Again, no sound. Finally, he tried a huge stone, but still no sound. Spying a nearby log, he struggled until he managed to drop the huge log down the well, but there was still no sound. As he gave up, he saw a sheep charging him. He jumped out of the way just as the sheep flew past him and down the well. The puzzled bushman was trying to figure out what just happened when his buddy appeared. "Hey, mate! Did you see my sheep around here?" "No." The other bushman said, "Well, he can't have gone far, I had him tied to a log!"



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VIDEO: Divers Have Close Encounter with a Great White Shark

Australian 7 NEWS brings us this report video that has already been viewed 700,000 times in just a week.

Nathan and Dave went spear fishing off the coast of Australia, and brought a camera to record the fun. But the fun quickly turned very serious when a great white shark started circling the two, separating them from their boat.

The today men were only equipped with a spear and knife each, and the stand off seemed to go on forever. Finally, they gave the shark a good warning poke that sent to beast off.

Only afterwards did the two realize how close they came to danger.

VIDEO: Glider Makes Nearly Perfect Emergency Landing On Side Street Until Hitting Mailbox

Experienced pilot Larry Hockensmith got a little to cocky in his glider plane, and had to attempt an emergency landing. Thankfully, he is a skilled airman, and impressively dodged power lines and tree tops when landing on a side street.

But just when you thought he made a perfect out-landing, his right wing caught a mailbox, turning the plane into a pile of soft, fluffy garbage cans to break his fall.


VIDEO: Huge Mudslide Caught on Camera in British Columbia


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