Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VIDEO: Outrageously Funny Dog Refuses Treat

by PentagramSchematic

My 5.5 month old fox red lab is terrified of a specific type of jerky. This is strange, and yet hilarious, because this is a dog who will eat anything and pretty much everything. Watch him flip his shit.I know some people would like to play animal activist but I will have you know that this in no way counts as abuse. Once I finished filming, he went back to playing with his toys. He is a much loved and much spoiled pup.

JOKE: The Sexy Neighbor

A middle-aged married couple moved into a new condo, right beside a sexy young single woman. The husband soon took to borrowing things from their neighbor and his wife thought it took way too long for him to return. Finally, she had had enough. She pounded on the wall between the two apartments, but there was no response. So she telephoned but it went straight to voicemail. Finally, she pounded on single's door while ringing her bell. When the door finally opened, the wife fumed, "Why does my husband take so damned long when he comes over here!"

The cutie replied, "Well, sweetie, all these interruptions ain't helping!"



GOT CAPTION? 8/14 v.2.0


GOT CAPTION? 8/14 v.3.0


VIDEO: More Biff Romney Bad Lip Reading

VIDEO: Teddy The A**hole Cat Knocks Over A Bottle

Apparently, Teddy the cat is an a**hole, at least according to his owner krmrmlp. Even under the watchful eye of the camera lens, Teddy shows just how rotten he is, and simply knocks a bottle off the dresser just to be a grouch.

VIDEO: Beagle puppy viciously attacks a Great Dane


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