Sunday, July 8, 2012

VIDEO: Chinese acrobat survives high-wire fall

Chinese acrobat Aisikaier suffered minor injuries after slipping near the end of a 700-metre tightrope while attempting to walk backwards in China's Hunan Province.

Aisikaier made the death-defying attempt from 200 metres above ground with his eyes covered, taking no safety precautions and using only a six-metre pole to aid his balance.

At about 40 metres from the end of the walk, the daredevil lost his footing and fell. Incredibly, Aisikaier was not badly injured after the fall and footage showed him walking up the side of the ravine.

According to Aisikaier, he accidentally slipped because of the wind and also because he felt faint at the end of the long walk.

JOKE: In a Coma

A man's wife had been in a coma in hospital for some time. As part of her continued care, her sheets were changed often and she was given sponge baths by a nurse.

During one of the sponge baths, the nurse noticed the wife reacted slightly when her private parts were washed.

The nurse spoke to the husband and explained that she had an unconventional idea that might bring his wife out of the coma. She explained the reaction and suggested that the husband should try oral sex with his wife.

He quickly decided to give it a try, and shut the door for some privacy. After a few minutes, the alarms on the life support equipment began to sound. The nurse rushed into the room and was shocked to find that wife was dead!

"What happened!" screamed the nurse.

"I don't know," said the husband. "She must have choked!"



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