Friday, June 15, 2012

VIDEO: Welcome to Earth [HD]

If I Had Balls, They'd Be Bigger Than Your's



The Secretary came in late for work the third day in a row. The boss called her into his office and said, "Now look Sharon, I know we had a wild fling for awhile, but that's over. I expect you to conduct yourself like any other employee around here. Who told you you could come and go as you please around here?"

Sharon simply smiled, lit up a cigarette, and while exhaling said, "My lawyer."

An Unlicensed, Uninsured Teen Going 100 MPH Hit A Moose With A Cadillac

An unlicensed Montana teen was going 100 miles per hour when he reportedly hit a moose in Idaho's Silver Valley yesterday. To make matters worse, his whole family was in the car with him: two five-year-olds and three adults with suspended licenses who were all riding in the backseat.
It gets worse.
The whole thing was utterly ridiculous, the kind of stuff you can't make up. The moose was decapitated, and when its head came off, it flew into the car and head-butted one of the five-year-olds. The child suffered a fractured skull and had to have a plate put in at the hospital.
Not disgusted enough? The driver's guardian is on parole and wasn't supposed to leave the state. The Cadillac, which was pretty much destroyed in the crash, wasn't insured, so paying for the all of the medical and legal fees will most likely be challenging. Ryan Comesatnight, the car's 14-year-old driver, faces charges for driving without a license. The rest seems to be punishment enough.
The group had made it nearly 300 miles from Great Falls, Mont. when the crash happened. They were almost at their destination: the Coeur d'Alene Casino. What a disaster.

VIDEO: Huge 40 Foot Slip N Slide Off Cliff

VIDEO:Cat Burglar Commits Many Felinies

A compilation of CCTV videos showing Denis returning to his home with items he's purloined.

There are more videos showing Denis's thieving habits:


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