Sunday, December 25, 2011

VIDEO: Boeing 747 RC model First Flight

First flight of Wilfried Wolterinck's scratchbuilt Boeing 747-200. The plane is powered by four ducted fans using 15 cc glow engines. Wing span12 feet , length 14 feet, weight 70 pounds.

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California Family Answers Litle Girl's 'Air Mail' to Santa..Heart Warming!!


A 5-year-old girl from suburban Seattle sent a letter to Santa attached to two pink balloons, and it ended up in the hands of a Northern California ranching family who say they'll make the girl's wishes come true.
Helen Cardenas, of Auburn, wrote the note in Spanish, asking for a doll, a tea set, shoes and pants, KOMO-TV reported.
Her mother, Rosa Cardenas de Beyes, helped send the note Dec. 2. She said she has been out of work and cash has been tight.
"I didn't know what to do," Cardenas de Beyes said. "So I always told her we would send a balloon to Santa because that was a tradition when I was little."
The note ended up nearly 700 miles away, in Laytonville, Calif.

"My son Lane just came home from Christmas, so we were out on the four-wheeler in the middle of our 17,000-acre ranch, when we saw what we thought was garbage," said Frank Sanderson.

"Para Papa Diosito," the letter began, scrawled in Helen's handwriting.
A Spanish-speaking ranch hand translated the letter and called the phone number that was written along with an address. The Sanderson family drove to the nearest shopping mall to find gifts for the little girl, and they planned to ship them Friday.

"We're just hoping the gifts get there before Christmas," Julie Sanderson said. "For the balloons to make it this far down here and for us to find it, is just unbelievable."

VIDEO: OMG This One Should Not Be Missed..Immaculate Reception?

Frosty the Snowman kidnapped.. returned to family two weeks later


Frosty the snowman has made a triumphant return after being held captive for almost two weeks. The thieves sent the family a ransom note and also emailed photos of Frosty at the pub, go-karting and motorbike riding.

The beloved Christmas decoration was returned to his family in Bendigo, Australia, yesterday bearing the signs of two weeks of heavy partying. Owner Sarah Murley said Frosty was doing well after his adventures.


"He has a burn mark to his backside that's either been caused by a blowtorch or a cigarette burn so there might have been a bit of interrogating going on we think,'' Mrs Murley said. "He had a bit of mustard on his foot from a trip to McDonalds from a cheeseburger and the tip of his carrot nose is a bit burnt as well.''

Mrs Murley said her husband Duncan and their four children were relieved to have him home. "We were just ecstatic, it was great, everyone was just punching the air, it was great.''


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