Friday, July 6, 2012

VIDEO: Ouch Fails

VIDEO: Women's Parking Lot LMAO

VIDEO: Motorcycle

JOKE: The Government Worker

A government employee sat in his office, and out of boredom, decided to see what was inside his old filing cabinet.He poked through the contents and came across an old brass lamp.
"This will look good on my mantel," he said, and took it home with him.
While polishing the lamp, a genie appeared and, as usual, granted him three wishes.
"I would like an ice-cold Coke right now."
He gets his Coke and drinks it.
Now that he can think more clearly, he states his second wish.
"I wish to be on an island with beautiful women, who find me irresistible. "
Suddenly, he's on an island with gorgeous women. eyeing him lustfully.
He tells the genie his third and last wish.
"I wish I'd never have to work again."
Instantly, he was back in his government office.



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'Gay' penguins Inca and Rayas get their own egg to look after


Penguins Inca and Rayas have been building a nest every six years in the hope of starting a family and have finally been trusted with an egg.

The Gentoo penguins have both thrown themselves into their new roles as parents. Inca has taken on the 'female' role of incubating the egg, a task which he does most of the day, every day.
Meanwhile Rayas has been filling up on food.
This is to ensure he can take on the traditional male job of feeding his young with regurgitated fish.

Yolanda Martin, who cares for the penguins at Spain's Faunia Park, said: 'We wanted them to have something to stay together for - so we got an egg. Otherwise they might have become depressed.'
While she admitted that the pair were extremely close she emphasised that they were not actually gay, but simply the best of friends.
Inca and Rayas are not the first male penguins to be given an egg to care for, as staff at a zoo in China gave penguin couple Steve and Adam a chick to look after last year.


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