Monday, August 23, 2010

So who is the woman who put the cat in the garbage container?

This CCTV footage captures the moment a middle-aged woman picks up a cat - and drops it into a wheelie bin.

The grey-haired woman, aged around 50, is filmed stroking tabby Lola on a wall outside a house on Brays Lane in Coventry at around 8pm on Saturday.

But she then suddenly grabs the four-year-old cat by the scruff of the neck before throwing it into a wheelie bin and slamming the lid closed. She then calmly walks away.
Terrified Lola was trapped in the bin for 15 hours before her owners Stephanie Andrews-Mann and husband Darryl finally found her the following morning.
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The woman appears to be harmless as she strokes the four-year-old cat as it walks along a wall Photobucket
The middle aged woman then grabs the cat by the scruff of its neck and puts it in the bin before shutting the lid
The woman then casually walks away. The cat was found by its owner 15 hours later
Footage of the attack was captured by a CCTV camera which the couple use to monitor the front of their home.

They have now posted the video on YouTube and Facebook in a bid to track down the culprit.

Darryl, 26, a mobile phone repair man, said: 'I'd like to know how she would feel if she was stuck in a bin for 15 hours without food or drink.
'I came down to feed Lola on Sunday morning but couldn't find her anywhere.

'It was really hot day and outside and I searched nearby alleyways but suddenly heard a tiny meowing coming from the bin.

'I looked inside and I found her in the bin, she was terrified and covered in her own mess.
'At first I thought she'd somehow climbed inside the bin herself but when I checked the CCTV I was gobsmacked to see some woman had done in deliberately.'
Darryl lives with Stephanie, 24, a customer services worker with Ford and her eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Chloe.
Stephanie said: 'I find the entire thing sickening. I cannot believe someone would do this to an innocent family pet.
'Lola was a rescue cat and was wary of people when we first got her.
'She has a lovely disposition and really wouldn't hurt a fly. This is what makes the attack on her so shocking.
'I really want to find the woman who did this to her, she must be stopped.'
Owner Daryll Mann, 26, has posted footage of the incident, which was captured by a CCTV camera, on Youtube in a bid to catch the woman
The couple installed CCTV outside their home two years ago after their car was repeatedly knocked by careless drivers.
Darryl and Stephanie have put the 1.27 minute clip on YouTube in a bid to track down the woman, which has shocked internet users.

Web user Robert Fletcher commented: 'The cat was okay, found shortly afterwards, but there's a mass hunt to find out who the old lady is.

'If you know the woman, get in touch with like the police.

'Actually not the police, probably the RSPCA. Yeah them.

'There's obviously a massive outcry and hunt on to find the lady who did it.'
Lynsey Skinner, wrote: 'Oh my god steph this is insane. Someone must know who she is?

'Have you spoken to your neighbours about it? Crazy and cruel.

'I hope you do report her and she is caught.'

The RSPCA and West Midlands Police are now investigating the incident.

A police spokeswoman said: 'The cat was left in the bin for 15 hours but emerged unhurt.

'The RSPCA were informed and the investigation into the incident will be led by them, as it is a matter of animal cruelty.

'The police will support the RSPCA's investigation and are currently collecting CCTV of the incident.'

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