Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitten Survives Long Trip In Car Air Filter


SPRINGFIELD, Vt. -- A girl has a new pet and a mechanic has a novel story after finding a kitten trapped inside a car's air filter in Springfield, Vt.
"I brought in a car for service, opened up the hood, went to check the air filter, and saw a big ball of fur in the air filter. And it was breathing," said mechanic Jim Perry.
Perry said he's found some strange things in car air filters, but the kitten was the strangest.
"I've found mice in there. That's pretty common. But finding a little kitten? That's nothing I ever expected to find," said Perry.
The fur turned out to be a kitten, one that had taken a 200 mile trip up from Connecticut wedged in air filter.
The kitten was scared and a bit stinky, but the mechanics cleaned it up and got it something to eat.
"It was pretty nervous. After a while of being out in the box, we got it some food, and now it kind of cries whenever somebody goes near it," said Perry.
The animal soon found a new family with one of the autoworkers.
"I can only walk by him and hear him meow a couple times. I've got a big heart for him," said Josh Webster. "I have a daughter. She's in first grade, and her birthday's coming up. So this is what she's going to get."
Webster's daughter, Jayna, said she was ecstatic at the new friend -- named Yukon after the car in which he was stuck.
"I'm really excited. I love it," said Jayna.

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