Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: Tiny Chihuahua shows talent for herding sheep


She may only weighs 2.5lb, but Nancy the Chihuahua makes quick work of showing five sheep who is boss, despite the animals being more than ten times her size.

Rescue dog Nancy's potential for herding flocks was discovered after she was adopted by a sheep dog trainer. Ali Taylor, who trains rescued border collies, said the tiny dog picked up herding straight away.

"I started in a very controlled environment but it quickly became evident that Nancy has natural ability and loves herding sheep," she said. Nancy was hand-reared after being taken to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home at just three weeks old with a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.

"People sometimes under-estimate rescue dogs, but they really are fantastic and go on to do amazing things," Ms Taylor, who also works at the dogs home, said. The charity stresses that no-one should try sheep herding without expert supervision.

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