Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VIDEO: World Toe Wrestling Champion Defeets All Comers


Hundreds of competitors took their warring digits to the 35th annual Toe Wrestling Championship at the Bentley Brook Inn, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Based on the better-known sport of arm wrestling, toe wrestling sees competitors use their feet and toes to overpower their opponent.

The sport was invented in 1976 when regulars at the pub set about searching for a game that the British could win. A decision was made to invent a new one. Locals in Wetton - where the game was born - have been dominating the sport ever since.


This year an epic battle between arch rivals 'Predatoe' and 'Nasty Nash' dominated proceedings. Paul 'Predatoe' Beech beat current world champion Alan Nash in the semi final, leaving him with a clear route to victory.

"I knew I'd win and I'll win next year, whoever comes. Nasty Nash next year, I'm breaking his ankle," he said after his win. People travelled from as far afield as London to try and claim the male and female champion titles.

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