Thursday, July 21, 2011

Florida man raped woman, then left for domestic violence class


Police say a man accused of brutally raping and imprisoning a woman her Daytona Beach apartment was arrested on Saturday, after he left his victim alone so he could attend a domestic-violence class.

Investigators say the sexual assault was preceded by a violent attack on a Daytona Beach roadway. The victim was driving on Atlantic Avenue on Friday night, police say, when her attacker struck.

According to an arrest report, the victim saw Ahmed Feisal Gad, who she has a domestic violence injunction against, drive up behind her in a 1999 Dodge and ram into the back of her vehicle.

He fled the scene, police said, but showed up at the victim's apartment that night and knocked at the door. When she opened it, Gad forced his way in, battered and shoved her to the ground, reports state.

Gad, 35, then went on a rampage, police say, throwing and breaking things in the victim's apartment. He stole her cell phone, reports state, and ripped off her clothes.

Police say that he then raped the victim, holding her down and biting her several times in the process. Afterward, he set the air conditioner to cold and forced her to stand in the corner naked, reports state.

An arrest report states Gad stayed the night in the victim's apartment, and raped her again in the morning. He then put the victim's clothes in a bag and took them with him to DeLand, police say.

He was going there, according to investigators, in to attend a domestic-violence class. Though he took her clothes, police say Gad left the victim's cell phone behind, allowing her to call for help.

The circumstances that led to the injunction were not clear Saturday night. The victim's name and any information about her relationship with Gad were redacted or omitted from documents.

Records show Gad has been arrested at least four times before in Volusia County, on charges including domestic battery and aggravated assault. His most recent previous arrest was in March.

Gad was arrested about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. He faces charges of sexual battery, aggravated battery, burglary, false imprisonment and violation of a domestic violence injunction.

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