Monday, July 25, 2011

JOKE: The Pope and the Mafia

pope omg

The Mafia was very dissatisfied with the Pope's new policies and decided to pay him a visit. They made him an offer he could not refuse: he had to make love to a woman. The Pope was flabbergasted but he knew there was no recourse but to do as he was told. He did insist on three conditions before he would agree to do as he was instructed.
The Pope said "first the woman musta be a blind, so she canna not see who does this to her."

"Second, she must be a mute so she no canna tell anyone about this."

The Mafia agreed to these two conditions.

"What's the third condition Your Holiness?"

The Pope answered, "third she must have a bigga boobs...boomba boomba boomba".

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