Saturday, July 16, 2011

JOKE: Things You Don't Want to Hear A Woman Say

head scratch,chimp

"My lease is up next month; can I move in with you?"

"My parents are so excited to meet you."

"I'm gonna stop counting calories and just enjoy life."

"I thought I was your best friend."

"I'm gonna cut my hair really short."

"Have you seen my birth control pills? I haven't taken them in weeks."

"You're my first ...white guy."

"Did you go to a strip club?" "You should come to bible study with me."

"Let's take a class together."

"I just went through your emails -- who's Marissa?"

"How come we never chat when you're at work?"

"Do you think about me when you pleasure yourself?"

"I got the weekend off so we can spend even more time together."

"Do you think my sister's pretty?"

head scratch

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