Sunday, July 24, 2011

VIDEO: California man gets stuck head-first in storm drain

A 21-year-old man ended up stuck, head-first in a storm drain. The man, reportedly drunk, had wedged himself in an 18-inch storm drain along Hale Aloha Way in Ceres. Neighbors reported a man yelling for help, kicking his legs in the air.

The man, identified by police as Jared Medeiros, was only visible from the knees down. He was conscious when emergency crews arrived, but was having trouble breathing. Police were not able to get him loose and called firefighters, who were able to get Medeiros free.

He spent about 40 minutes stuck in the storm drain. He told officers he was trying to retrieve some personal items that had fallen into the drain. After pulling Medeiros out, officers found his keys, cell phone and cash in the drain.

Medeiros only had minor injuries. Officers say while he was visibly intoxicated, he was not drunk enough to be considered drunk in public, so he was not arrested. Later, Medeiros said he wasn't drunk and it wasn't an accident, he had been brutally attacked and robbed by gang members.

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