Monday, July 18, 2011

VIDEO: Motorized Monstrosity/3 Wheel Death..Trike Extraordinaire


Rocket II Trike
You’ve got to have a brass set of jewels to throw a leg over a 1,000 hp HEMI powered trike. 

The creators of this monstrosity are none other than the guys at Blastolene, the same guys who created Jay Leno’s Blastolene Special utilizing an M47 Patton Tank V12 engine. This obscene creation is called the Rocket II and is owned by a gentleman named Tim Cotterill. It features a blown Hemi, stainless body and independent rear end. In the video we see the speedometer climbing upwards of 160 mph. If this is true or not I have no idea, but I would think that with that much power and enough road the big Rocket II super trike would be more than capable of hitting those speeds.

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