Saturday, August 6, 2011

Distraught college professor takes fatal leap out window in the middle of teaching a class


A college professor in Pennsylvania killed himself in shocking fashion Wednesday - skipping out in the middle of class and taking a fatal leap as students and his wife watched helplessly.

Rudolf Alexandrov bolted from his Chestnut Hill College classroom, ran to a second floor veranda and plunged headfirst to his death on the marble floor below, police said.

"He had a history of depression," police Lt. Robert Zaffino told the Philadelphia Daily News. "He had been having suicidal thoughts, and mentioned harming himself in the past."

The 71-year-old adjunct professor became perturbed during his Wednesday afternoon math class, running in and out of the classroom in bizarre fashion, the newspaper reported.

He finally shouted a few words before heading up to the second floor of St. Joseph's Hall.

Colleagues - including his wife Olga, a fellow professor at the college - frantically called for campus security, police said.

But Alexandrov dove over a railing and fell about 30 feet to his death. Students who witnessed the fatal fall were offered counseling through the college.

It was unclear what triggered the suicide. The college issued a statement confirming Alexandrov's death and expressing its sympathy for his family.

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