Tuesday, August 16, 2011

JOKE: Harry

Harry spent most every evening at the local watering hole and never came home before closing. Since he often had trouble getting the front door open while drunk, Grace, his wife, had to come downstairs and let him in. Then she'd scream at him for his behavior. But it had no effect. One day, Grace complained about Harry's behavior to a friend who suggested, "Why not treat him differently the next time? Give him some loving words. Welcome him with a kiss? Maybe that will make him change his ways."

Grace thought it was worth a try since nothing else seemed to help. So that night, when Harry arrived home in his usual condition, Grace heard him at the door, quickly opened it, and let him in. She took his arm, led him to his easy chair, put his feet up, removed his shoes, then moved behind him and started massaging his neck and shoulders. When Harry moaned his appreciation, she whispered, "It's getting late. Do you want to go up to bed now?"

Harry slurred, "Might as well. I'm gonna get my ass chewed out when I get home!"

hahaha frogs

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