Wednesday, August 17, 2011

JOKE: The Magic Wand

Fred caught his first wife cheating on him, divorced her, and found a wonderful woman. Soon after they were married, he found his second wife cheating on him, too! He decided the only way to get a faithful wife was to marry one who knew nothing of sex. He eventually found such an innocent, married her, and, on their wedding night, told her about his "magic wand" which no one else in the world had. Sure enough, she was enraptured with the "magic" feelings it provided. They were very happy. Eventually Fred had to leave for a business trip, but he wasn't worried: after all, his wife knew that only he had the "magic wand." But when he got home, something was wrong. She met him at the door with, "I thought you said that you were the only man in the world with a 'magic wand'!"

"Well, yes, dear..."

"But Jerry has a magic wand, too!"

"Well, yeah," Fred stammered. "You see, Jerry's my best friend and, since I had an extra, I gave him one." She burst into tears. "What's wrong?" he asked.

She sobbed, "Why did you give him the good one?!"

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