Monday, August 22, 2011

VIDEO: Baby Vanishes During Courtroom Scuffle

Detroit police are searching for a missing 4-month-old girl. Evelyn Baley Daniel went missing Thursday during a custody hearing in Detroit. No Amber Alert has been issued.

Last week, Evelyn's father, Damon Daniel, shot and killed her mother, 26-year-old Ebony Gaines. Police said Daniel called to tell them he had shot Gaines at the couple's home.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said it was in self-defense and that it would not file charges against Daniel. Family members have been publicly disputing that. A fight broke about between the couple's two families during the custody hearing.

The judge granted Daniel full custody of Evelyn. However, a member of Gaine's family was asked by the judge to turn the girl over to Daniel, but she said she did not know where Evelyn was.
"While in court there was a brawl going on," Daniel said. "I was pushed into the courtroom by the Sheriffs and police officers that were in there. I was told to stay inside of the courtroom and in the midst of all that my daughter was being lateraled outside of the courtroom."
Gaines' mother said she thinks Evelyn is with a member of Daniel's family. No one in Evelyn's extended family said they know where she is. Anyone with information on Evelyn's whereabouts is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department.

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