Saturday, August 20, 2011

VIDEO: Golden Retriever is key employee at golf course

A golden retriever has become a key employee at a golf course in Maine.

At first glance, 6-year-old Kaleigh seems like your average Golden Retriever, but she's got quite a trick. A golfer says, "One of the golfers and I'm not even sure who it was decided to see how smart she really was and they gave her the key and she started bringing it back to the clubhouse."

Golfers returning their carts at Whitetail Golf Course in Charleston can cut a corner, thanks to Kaleigh. Another golfer says, "Pretty stunned. Everybody laughs. The ones that are used to it they give her the key and then they go to the parking lot. She brings the key to the clubhouse. They don't even have to come to the clubhouse."

Her owners say, it's become a full-time job. They say, "She pretty much tries to get all of them unless she's tired at the end of the day from a busy day." Members of the golf course are impressed. A golfer says, "I was a little surprised, but I've known the dog for a long time so I just give her the key."

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