Friday, August 12, 2011

Video: Soldier surprises wife after she delivers first pitch at baseball game


As an important part of our national fabric, it's no surprise that baseball has played a frequent role in the heartwarming soldier homecoming videos that hit the Internet.
Earlier this season, we had the man who surprised his girlfriend with a proposal immediately after reuniting at a Kansas City Royals game. And earlier this week, we had that great moment between a soldier and his two daughters who first thought they were just going to take part in some between-inning entertainment.
Now the latest viral video to take hold comes from a minor league game in Mississippi. That's where Army major Mike Harlow surprised his wife Darla by hiding behind a catcher's mask as she delivered the ceremonial first pitch.

Darla's reaction once she sees who's behind all that gear is the main draw of this moment, of course. She claimed to have no idea that her husband was back from a tour in Afghanistan and one look at the shock shows that she's not putting us on.

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