Sunday, September 25, 2011

FUN CAPTION: If this is the end...can I have a longer one? or Short selling on futures..v.8.37


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COSMO said...

Doris? Doris? Does this mean it's over? I'm a little short on a lot, but I really, really try Doris...I mean..I'm wearing your goddamned sign Doris..What TF more do you want from me Doris? Now that it's been brought up Doris, let me say this about us. I am SICK to death of this bs..I've had it up to here with the way that you treat me you, you imbecilic uncommunicative australopithecine

Doris do you think we should start over? I know we've started over before and look where we are. Frankly, and I know you won't admit it, I know you love my therapist...He's a short sighted schmuck who can only see the big picture..

And Doris..your dog has become somewhat shall we say intolerable.. time, maybe two it's was a bit of a laugh when your dog pissed on me..but goddamn it Doris ..Butch makes me his regular stop.. call me fire hydrant why don't you Doris.

And if you ever..ever say "stand on my own two legs" again so help me Doris!


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