Friday, September 30, 2011

Firefighters Respond to Rare Snake Call..One Snake Eating Another Snake in a Home


TUCSON - Snakes are something a lot of Tucsonans have gotten used to around the desert. But one recent snake call for the Northwest Fire District was a first for the firefighters.

The firefighters at Station 32 respond to snake calls up to 5 times a day this time of year. But when they went to the home of Mary Jane Overall, they encountered a predator and its prey. Mary Jane caught it all on tape.

She says she was relaxing in her living room when she noticed a large snake creeping through a small hole near her air conditioning vent. She got up, called the Fire Department and shut herself in her bedroom. Minutes later, she heard a crashing sound and when she came out, she found the large snake had climbed up her bookcase, wedging itself on a shelf.

When the firemen arrived, what they thought was just a shedding snake turned out to be two eating the other.

"You wouldn't think a snake would come upstairs. You just wouldn't imagine that....let alone two!" Overall said.

The firemen say the large snake finished eating the smaller venomous one. Mary Jane says the King snake saved her life.

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