Monday, September 19, 2011

Graeme the cat visits railway station twice a day to drop off and pick up his owner


Graeme the trainspotting cat has attained rock star status among commuters at his station in Melbourne, Australia. Every morning the laid-back feline leaves home and saunters down to the platform on the Hurstbridge line to mix with travellers heading off to work. The pampered cat cannot get enough of attention, with scores of regulars calling him by name as they stop for a chat and give him a pat on the head.

Safety conscious, the sociable moggie is meticulous about using the subway to cross to the city-bound platform, rather than take a dangerous short cut across the tracks. When the evening peak comes around, Graeme puts on an encore performance, arriving at the opposite platform in time to greet owner Nicole Weinrich as she returns home from work.


"He always seems to know which train carriage I am on and will be sitting there behind the yellow line when the doors open, because he is all about safety," Ms Weinrich said. "He is an amazing cat." But sometimes Graeme can take his desire to be close to his fans a bit too far - he has been known to jump on the train and get off a station or two later. "He doesn't do it often, but we do worry about that," Ms Weinrich said.

She said Graeme, believed to be about 12, had roughed it on the street before being saved from the RSPCA's "death row" six years ago, so his love of people is tempered by his survival instincts. "He is very friendly and loves to go to the station to watch people go, but he's weirdly stand-offish," Ms Weinrich said. "He's very cool about it. I've heard people get off the train and say, 'Look, it's Graeme'. Some just call him 'rock star'."

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