Thursday, September 15, 2011

JOKE: The desert island


After being stranded on a desert island for many years, a man and his wife woke up following a bad storm to find a new guy washed up on the beach. The wife was immediately attracted to the new man although her husband was oblivious. "This is wonderful! Now the three of us can each do an 8-hour shift in the watchtower instead of the two of us each doing 12." The new man was happy to help and volunteered for the first shift. He climbed the tall tower and stood watch for hours, scanning the horizon for ships. Soon he had an idea. He yelled down, "Hey, no screwing!" The married couple was surprised by this but yelled back up to him, "We're not screwing." A few minutes later, the new guy yelled again, "Hey, no screwing!" And again, "We're not screwing." Shortly before his shift was over, he yelled down again, "Hey, no screwing!" They thought, this new guy is weird. When his shift was over, he climbed down from the tower and the husband climbed up. Before he got halfway to the top, the wife and the new guy were screwing each other's brains out. When the husband finally looked down, he thought, "I'll be danged. From up here, it really does look like they're screwing!"

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