Monday, September 12, 2011

JOKE: Three boys were talking

Three boys were sitting on a fence talking. One of the little boys says to the other, "If you could have your body covered in anything, what would it be?"

After thinking for a while the boy answers, "Silver."

"Well, why?"

"I could peel it off and buy that Honda over there."

The boy then asks the other, "And you?"

"Gold, I could peel it off and buy the BMW sitting over there."

After a few seconds one of the boys ask the first boy, "Well, what about you?"

The boy thought and thought and finally, said very calmly, "Hair."
Well the other two boys were just sickened and asked "HAIR, Why in the hell would you want your WHOLE BODY covered in HAIR?"

"Well," the boy answered, "My sister has got a little tiny patch of hair, and she owns both of those cars!"


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