Wednesday, September 14, 2011

VIDEO: Hells Angels members held over Massachusetts murders


A satan worshiping Hells Angel whose facial tattoos, multiple piercings and "Star Trek" forehead upped the interest factor by several degrees in a Massachusetts murder case this week.

Adam Hall, 34, along with Caius Veiovis, 31, both of Pittsfield, and David Chalue, 44, of Springfield, were charged over the weekend with the kidnapping and murder of three Pittsfield men, including a key witness scheduled to testify against Hall — a reputed sergeant-at-arms at the Berkshire Hells Angels motorcycle club, Reuters reports.

The bodies of David Glasser, 44, Edward Frampton, 58, and Robert Chadwell, 47, were uncovered in the western part of the state after a two-week search for the men. 

Glasser was set to testify against Hall, charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping and intimidation of a witness according to Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless, at a trial scheduled to begin on Sept. 19. 

Prosecutors had planned to present evidence at the trial that Hall hit Glasser with a baseball bat in 2009 over a dispute, and then "tried to frame Glasser last year for an upstate New York robbery to cast doubt on him as a witness," Reuters reports.

Massachusetts state police, meantime, said that Frampton, Glasser's roommate, and Chadwell, Chadwell a friend who spent time with the two men, were killed so that there would be no witnesses to Glasser's murder, the AP reports.

Meanwhile, the mugshots of Veiovis — also known as Roy C. Gutfinski Jr. — were the focus of much media attention.

Gutfinski has subdermal implants and tattoos on his face, including "666," the sign of the devil, on his forehead, prompting the Smoking Gun website, which routinely publishes unusual mug shots to come up with the headline: "Easily The Scariest Mug Shot Of An Accused Murderer You Will See Today."

Gutfinski was preciously sentenced to 10 years' jail in 2000 (he served three) for assaulting a teenage girl in a motel room as part of a ritualistic blood-drinking ceremony, with Gutfinski's girlfriend.

Patrick Johnson of writes that:

According to accounts of the trial, a 16-year-old girl testified that Gutfinski and his girlfriend at the time, 17-year-old Deanne Jones, brought her to a hotel room, and Jones used a razor to slice a 7-inch gash in her back.

She testified that Jones and Gutfinski then drank her blood while they kissed each other.

Police were notified when the girl later went to the emergency room. The gash required more than 30 stitches to close.

Caius, Johnson notes, is the name of a character in the "Twilight" vampire series.

Meanwhile, Hall had once before proved desperate to avoid jail time, offering to help the FBI "take down" many East Coast chapters of the Hells Angels, including the one in Berkshire County, according to the Berkshire Eagle.

The chapter had even posted its Lee clubhouse as collateral for a $250,000 bail to secure Hall's release from jail last year.

According to the probable cause report, Hall told federal agents he was willing to wear a wire and could provide information against many Hell's Angels members who deal drugs, sell firearms and commit other crimes. 

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