Wednesday, November 30, 2011

JOKE: A priest and a nun went golfing

One fine afternoon, a priest and a nun went golfing. The priest teed up his ball, swung, and missed completely. "Damn! I missed!" yelled the priest.

The nun was shocked and said, "Father, please. Your language."

"I'm sorry, sister. It won't happen again." On the eighth hole, the priest teed up his ball, swung, and again missed completely.

"Damn! Missed again!"

"Father, please! Your language."

"I'm sorry, sister. If I say it once more, may lightning strike me dead!" On the 18th tee, he teed up for the last time, swung, and missed again.

"Damn! I ... " but before he could finish, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, shot down out of heaven, and struck the nun dead. A deep voice rocked the heavens,

"Damn! I missed!"

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