Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO: Why did the salmon cross the road?

Several intrepid salmon were pictured frantically battling the water in an attempt to swim across Skokomish Valley Road near Shelton in the southern Puget Sound area of Washington.
The salmon's struggle upstream is a vital part of their lifecycle.

Several salmon struggled to swim across the road due to water levels rising following heavy rain
They lay their eggs in a stream bed and once hatched, grow in the freshwater for several years before travelling downstream to the sea.
They travel great distances to feed in the oceans and, when fully mature, after between one and four years, must return to their birthplace to spawn.
This means they must swim up rivers, against rapids and leap waterfalls.
Once they arrive, they lay their eggs and usually die within a week of spawning. A small proportion are strong enough to survive and start the cycle again.

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