Friday, December 9, 2011

JOKE: Tony died and was sent to heaven

Tony died and was sent to heaven. Saint Peter told him that, because he had cheated on his taxes, he could not enter heaven right away. But "if you will sleep with a fat, ugly woman for five years and enjoy it, then you can get in." Tony decided that was a small price to pay for eternity in heaven, so off he went with his enormous new friend, pretending to be happy.

Soon he saw his old buddy Carlos up ahead, with an even fatter, uglier woman. "Carlos? What happened to you?"

Carlos replied, "I cheated on my taxes even more then you but in ten years, I'll get to enter heaven." As they commiserated their fates, they spotted their old friend, Jon, with a gorgeous supermodel.

Stunned, they asked Jon how he ended up with a goddess while they ended up with two hippos. Jon replied, "I have no idea, but I'm not complaining. She's fun and the sex is great! But there is one strange thing: every night, after our sexual escapades, she rolls over and murmurs, 'Damn taxes!' "

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