Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Call me Pink Sparkly And All Things Nice' says name change salon owner


The Nottingham, England mother of three, who goes by the shortened version of her name, Pink Nice, is just one of 100,000 Brits who decided to change their name this year.

Charlotte Price now goes by Pink Sparkly And All Things Nice (PA)
She admits that she is obsessed with the color, wears mostly pink clothes and has decorated her house in the color, complete with furnishings.
'Everyone is still calling me by my old name. My mum thinks I'm a bit mad really and so do my children. They stick to Mum,' she said
The salon worker even decked her business out entirely in the color and even uses pink wax on her clients.
Her new name is far from the strangest name change this year, as two men from Nottingham have decided to create superhero images for themselves.

Daniel Knox-Hewson, 23, and Kelvin Borbidge, 22, changed their names with the Legal Deed Poll Service for �10 each and are believed to both have the longest names in the UK.
Mr Knox-Hewson renamed himself Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Goku Sonic Xavier Ryu Cloud Superman Heman Batman Thrash.
While Mr Borbidge now goes by Baron Venom Balrog Sabretooth Vader Megatron Vegeta Robotnik Magneto Bison Sephiroth Lex Luthor Skeletor Joker Grind.

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