Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss crashed into Table Mountain in South Africa on Monday morning. He survived, but broke both legs.
Corliss, one of the best BASE jumpers in the world, was being filmed by HBO when the accident happened. Jeb reportedly leaped safely from Table Mountain when he was either blown off course by a gust of wind, or got too close to the mountain.
It was his second jump from the Cape Town landmark. After the first one, he posted this picture on his Facebook wall, with a caption: “How low can you go :) Table mountain day two :)”

A Table Mountain spokesperson said Corliss was lucky to be alive after he fell more than 200 feet before hitting the rocks. He managed to release his emergency chute, otherwise he’d be dead.
He was recovered by air ambulance and taken to a private hospital, where he was admitted to intensive care. A spokesman for the hospital said that he remained in good spirits, and instructed her to tell well-wishers: “I feel the best I ever have.”
This video, shot from a distant angle, shows what happened. Corliss is wearing a black suit, cameraman Jeff Nebelkopf is in blue:

Jeb Corliss on Conan O'Brien

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