Monday, January 23, 2012

VIDEO: Boomer the Mascot Ends Game Before it Begins

Indiana Pacers mascot Boomer put on quite a show for New Palestine High School on Friday night . . . but it was shorter than expected.

On his first dunk, the fuzzy blue-and-yellow cat earned his nickname by tearing down the rim, leaving tiny pieces of the backboard scattered on the court and the teams headed to the auxiliary gym to finish the game.

"I didn't think he came down on it so hard, but it went bloof," New Palestine athletic director Al Cooper said. "I'm sitting there thinking, 'There's no manual for this one.' But we had the (auxiliary) gym set up because we had a freshman game during the (junior varsity) game. It turned out to be a seamless transition."

Cooper praised the Pacers and Boomer for how they handled the situation. Boomer signed autographs throughout the second half, and the Pacers will refund the appearance fee and replace the backboard Monday, according to Cooper. New Palestine doesn't play at home again for two weeks, so there will be no disruption in the schedule.

"It was a positive out of a chaotic situation," Cooper said as the Dragons went on to a 70-45 victory over Triton Central. "Boomer did a great job and the Pacers have been wonderful."

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