Tuesday, January 3, 2012

VIDEO: Massachusetts Lt. Gov Was Driving 108 MPH Asleep Without Seatbelt Before Crash

Massachusetts State Police have concluded that Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray was probably asleep at the wheel when he crashed a Ford Crown Victoria while going over 100 mph. Although he was not wearing a seatbelt, he amazingly escaped injury.

Although the accident was initially blamed on icy conditions, and police declined to state a definitive cause for the crash, further analysis supports the theory that Murray had fallen asleep. The onboard "black box" data recorder from the state-owned Crown Vic indicated that Murray gradually accelerated from about 75 to 108 mph immediately before the crash occurred around 5:30 AM on November 2, and slid off the road without corrective actions. The car drove into a rock ledge at 92 mph and and flipped twice.

Murray was issued a $555 ticket but will not face further charges. By any reasonable standard he got off lucky; driving drowsy and unbelted is all but asking for a world of pain or a quick death.

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