Friday, March 2, 2012

**Sharing a Bit of Me in Earlier Times**

This is a song I grew up with back about 1969. The band is called the Farquahr. They're from Branford, Connecticut and used to play summers in Nantucket Island/Cape Cod, Massachusetts and winters at Mount Snow, Vermont.

As a teenager and on into my twenties, I would hear these guys often at night after a day of skiing. This song in particular brings back the fondest of memories of days gone by; winters of skiing everyday from the first snow until the snow was all gone and evenings dancing to music at the local hotspots. I did this for about ten years from the time I graduated high school until it was time to move on to a real life and real jobs and not just scraping by, season to season. These were the happiest of times when I'd work teaching skiing, cooking, hotel front didn't matter the work. What mattered was I could ski everyday that there was snow.
I hope you enjoy this. With much code tinkering, here it is.

My Eggs Don't Taste the Same Without You


My coffee is cold it's sitting there by the stove
My juice and my toast are there too
My heart's in a shambles I can't eat my scrambles
My eggs don't taste the same without you

Well the chair where you sat is occupied by the cat
I wish you had taken him too
I can do very nicely with you once over lightly
My eggs don't taste the same without you

No more good morning kiss
No more I love you
No more that's how the dog bit the paperboy kid
My wasn't that big news

Well if you'd only come back I'd let you keep that old cat
Let you wear your curlers too
My hearts in a shambles I can't eat my scrambles
My eggs don't taste the same without you
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