Sunday, May 6, 2012

JOKE: Get the Puck Outta Here

A clerk at a large chain of supermarkets was having trouble with a customer who insisted on buying a half a head of lettuce. Sputtering mad, he walks into the back of the store to cut up the lettuce and along the way he grumbles to his boss, not realizing that the customer followed him, "Some damn customer wants to buy a half-a-head of lettuce," then noticing the customer catches himself with, "and this fine gentleman would like to buy the other half."

After the customer left, the manager complimented the clerk for his quick thinking. "We have an opening for a manager-trainee in Detroit for a quick thinker like you," he said.

"Detroit!?" the clerk scoffed, "all they have in Detroit are hockey players and prostitutes."

The manager looked hurt and said, "My sister lives in Detroit."

The ever resourceful clerk responded with, "Really? And what team does she play for?"

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