Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pier collapses during prom photo shoot

Teenagers can spend weeks thinking about their prom outfits and the whole day getting ready. A group of them in Wisconsin expected their perfect looks to last all night. Instead, they were soaking wet in a matter of minutes.

"It's completely unexpected. It doesn't even happen on TV, and all of a sudden here it is happening to us," said Matt Timm. A group of friends went to waters off of Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc on Saturday to take a group photo before prom.

Little did they know as they stood on a wooden pier that they were about to make a life-long memory when the pier suddenly collapsed. Soaking wet, the girls and guys were pulled from the water. Trying to dry off before prom, they ran so many hair dryers they blew a breaker inside a home.

But with some borrowed shirts for the guys and some touch-up makeup for the girls, the group finally made it to the big event. "We're laughing about it now and it's hilarious, and I'm sure my kids will laugh at it. It'll be remembered a long time," said one of the teens.



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