Wednesday, May 23, 2012

VIDEO: Massive great white shark launches frenzied attack next to fishing boat

Australian authorities have assured swimmers and surfers at Bondi Beach that lifeguards routinely patrol for sharks after footage surfaced recently, showing a massive great white savagely attacking a smaller blue shark attached to a line alongside a fishing boat (footage begins at the 30-second mark).

Henry Minter, one of the fishermen who was aboard the boat, said the encounter took place only 200 meters, or about the shake of a tail, beyond the shore. He estimated the shark's length to be at least 18 feet.

"We were fishing off the coast of Bondi Beach and were on board a 32-foot powerboat," he said, via email. "Shortly after catching a small blue shark we tied a rope off to it's tail and the large great white appeared obviously attracted by the frenzy of the blue shark.

"We were amazed as the shark bit the whole blue shark in half and proceeded to play tug of war with us with the remaining tail half.

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