Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VIDEO: Snagged dress saves 74-year-old woman from eight story plunge


An elderly woman's life was saved after she fell from a balcony on the 8th floor in Ukraine and her dress snagged on an awning on the 7th floor. The 74-year-old Mariupol resident fell after she leaned too far over the balcony while yelling at street musicians.

The lucky snag left her in a frightening and embarrassing predicament, with her underwear exposed as she hung from the fabric of her up-turned dress. When emergency services arrived at the scene they encountered problems that held up the rescue effort.

The rescuers struggled to get into the woman's home and eventually had to break down the door. While one team worked to get inside the woman's apartment a team of firefighters climbed up to reach her with a ladder on the back of a truck.

The woman was eventually pulled to safety by firefighters who cut her dress and lowered her through the window of an apartment on the floor below. Crowds gathered in the street below applauded and whistled as the woman's embarrassing ordeal came to an end. She was treated by paramedics at her home, who gave her a sedative before she sent them away.

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