Sunday, August 5, 2012

VIDEO: Doctors amazed by two-year-old who can already read and list all the countries in the world


Sherwyn Sarabi's parents believe they may have a genius on their hands - aged just two. He can identify all the countries of the world, can read, use an iPad and has amazed doctors and child psychologists with his intelligence.

Sherwyn, of South Yorkshire, England, can count to 200, explain volcanoes and shooting stars, and describe all major body organs and their functions. The gifted toddler, who turns three in September, said his first words at ten months and could name all 2D and 3D shapes aged 18 months.

Sherwyn's mother, former schoolteacher Amanda Sarabi, 35, said: "At first we just thought it was normal behaviour, then one day when we were in the doctor's office, he was looking at a map on the wall and started pointing out countries he recognised.

"The doctor was amazed and said he'd never seen anything like it. We've taken him to see a couple of psychologists who have both said he is gifted."

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