Friday, July 1, 2011

Dead mouse found in pre-packaged salad


A Michigan couple said they were horrified when they found a dead, disemboweled mouse in their bag of Dole Salad.

John K. Jones said he sat down with his girlfriend, Ebony Wright, and her 7-year-old son for dinner Sunday afternoon.

He was shocked to find the gruesome rodent buried in the Italian dressing covered salad.

"I moved a couple of leaves and there was a mouse, a dead mouse laying on its back, and you could see the guts hanging out. I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom," Jones said.

"I was shocked, he ran to the bathroom and was throwing up," Wright said. "I said are you sick or something and he said you are not going to believe what's on that plate."

Unfortunately, each of them had already eaten some of the Dole "Tender Garden" salad mix that they had purchased from a Kroger grocery store, so they immediately went to the hospital.

"I know these things carry bacteria and didn't want my son to be sick," Wright said.

The couple said that they then called both the Kroger store where it was purchased and Dole.

Both companies offered to refund the couple the price of the bag of salad, but the couple feels that's not enough.

While they currently have no plans of contacting a lawyer, they say they're waiting to hear back from Kroger and Dole on how to move forward with the potentially dangerous case.

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