Sunday, July 3, 2011

Naked Came the Newspaper


Talk about special delivery! This is a bad way to make the headlines.

Early Thursday morning Moscow, Idaho Police received a call from a woman who reported seeing a newspaper carrier delivering the Moscow-Pullman Daily News to customers. That's normal - but he was naked from the waist down.

Officials say 30-year-old Carlos Colon was cited for indecent exposure for doing his job without wearing any pants.

Police Chief, David Duke said the woman reported seeing Colon approaching her house on North Almon Street, pant-less and without any underwear on!

"Based on the Indecent Exposure Act, he was given a citation for indecent exposure under the state statute instead of the city ordinance," said Duke. "Any time that a misdemeanor occurs outside our presence we cannot make an arrest but we can cite and that's what we did in this case."

Duke says the woman also reported that this was not the first time she had seen Colon making indecent deliveries.

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