Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boy, 9, crashes while driving himself to school


Nine year-old Brandon Brown took a few wrong turns on Thursday morning. "It was very wrong, and I shouldn't have done that," Brandon now says. His mother, Michelle Brown, says he was giving her trouble while getting ready to go to school. "I figured he was in the next room, because I'd seen the bedroom lights on...he's real quiet," Michelle says.

Quiet enough to sneak into his mother's purse, grab her car keys, and drive through his hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana. His drive ended when he crashed into two telephone poles. His grandmother, Christine Armstrong, who was driving along Prescott Road, spotted the accident first.

"I stopped, and I recognized the car, and I looked inside, and the people up there told me, 'The little boy did it'", she says. His grandmother didn't see him in the car. Brandon fled on foot to a nearby hospital. His parents found him, and after being cuffed and placed in the police officer's back seat, Brandon said he has learned his lesson.


"It was very wrong, I shouldn't have done that," Brandon says, "and I said that I would never do that again." His mother says that she could care less about the damage. "I'm just glad that the police gave him back to me, and that he's okay," she says.

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