Thursday, August 11, 2011

Granny Gets Breast Implants at 83


A California grandmother of 12 is making national headlines after getting breast implants at the age of 83.

Marie Kolstad, a full-time property manager who lives in Santa Ana, says she decided to get the $8,000 boob job last month because over the years, nature had taken its course on her 36-Cs.

"Your breasts go in one direction and your brain goes in another," she told the New York Times.

Kolstad says she's in good health and figured, "why not take advantage of it?"

She also says her mother lived a long life, and she's hoping to do the same.

Several national media outlets have since picked up Kolstad's story, citing a rise in so-called senior citizen plastic surgery.

In 2010, there were 84,685 surgical procedures among those over 65, according to the American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Of those, more than 26,000 were face-lifts, nearly 6,500 were liposuctions and some 2,400 were breast augmentations.

A plastic surgeon told ABC News that he'd rather operate on a healthy 70-to-75-year-old than an unhealthy 40-something patient.

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