Thursday, August 11, 2011

JOKE: Big Jake

A newcomer was drinking in an Old West saloon when a cowboy ran through the swinging doors, yelling, "Big Jake's a'comin'!" The place immediately emptied, leaving the newcomer and his beer alone at the bar. Sure enough, soon a seven-foot-tall, 350-pound cowboy swaggered in, barely fitting through the double doors. He glanced around the saloon and, seeing no one but our friend, marched over to him, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, threw him over the bar, and bellowed, "Gimme whiskey!" The shaken man complied, found a full bottle, and placed it and a glass on the bar. The huge cowboy bit the glass neck right off the bottle, spat it on the floor, and emptied the fifth in one giant swig. Our friend, not sure what to do next, timidly asked, "Uh, do you want another?" The cowboy growled, "Nope. Gotta go. Big Jake's a'comin'!" 

cowboy old

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